Best of Anime 2016: OVA

OVA’s (Original Animation Video), are basically one off or “episodic” parts to an anime series released in Blu-rays. Like specials they expand on the story whether it be into greater detail of some sections, providing a different perspective or adding on to the end of a series. OVA’s provide to be some of the best … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: OVA

Best Anime of 2015: Anime (Subjective)

This post is generally going to be a more of a subjective view for what I believe to be the best Anime of 2015 is. With that being said, those who have similar interests to me, such as the genres I like or the different niches I like will probably get more of an insight … Continue reading Best Anime of 2015: Anime (Subjective)

Best Anime of 2015: Favorite

This section covers the best anime of the year among my favorite ones. Of course this is an entirely subjective list, based upon different niches and factors which I enjoy myself. This year in anime provided a lot of different anime in which i watched, whether they be action to slice of life, all of … Continue reading Best Anime of 2015: Favorite

Best Anime of 2015: Anime (Objective)

This section provides more of an objective view towards what was anime of the year. This section will generally focus on the main genres and factors that surround anime. In taking amount different niches people like, I think a more rounded view will be shown. Obviously this is an opinion into what I believe most … Continue reading Best Anime of 2015: Anime (Objective)

Best Anime of 2015: Character

  Characters have the ability in an anime to turn it from really good to a masterpiece. With any character having the ability to have any personality and any style to match that, it is important to get the right combination. This must then mix in with the story in order to make that character … Continue reading Best Anime of 2015: Character