Best of Anime 2016: Shorts

Most anime shorts are generally depicted around a certain area. This really focused story line allows for it to be quite reflective of the genre it fits. The plot progression is usually quite fast (as there is not much air time), or nothing really happens. Shorts provide for a quick anime fix, due to their … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Shorts

Spring 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: Overall the anime in the 2016 Spring season ended up being quite solid. However, there was a difference between what ended being really good and what ended up as solid seasons. This season had a variety of different anime airing, where there was generally something that appealed to someone (even if they had specific … Continue reading Spring 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

“KakoTama” Wagamama High Spec Review and Recommendations

"Looks like this planet is doomed." Wagamama High Spec is a short anime series which focuses on the heroines of the routes that can be taken in the visual novel "Wagamama High Spec". From episode to episode, it basically goes through the heroines and their work/play in the student council. The exclusion of the main … Continue reading “KakoTama” Wagamama High Spec Review and Recommendations