Winter 2017 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: With the end of the Winter 2017 season of anime, it brings the conclusion of the first batch of anime finishing in 2017. This season brought with it a bunch of comedic, light-hearted anime mostly revolving around cute girls doing cute things. Among others, there was a focus in drama with a bit of … Continue reading Winter 2017 ~ End of Season Awards

“Spiritual Successor” Seiren Review and Recommendations

"So you're not wearing the undies I gave you." The spiritual successor to Amagami SS hit the screens this past winter season bringing with it a new MC (Kamita Shouichi) and a bunch of new girls. Like its predecessor,┬áSeiren (meaning honest) follows the omnibus format, where Shouichi falls in love with a different girl every … Continue reading “Spiritual Successor” Seiren Review and Recommendations