Best Anime of 2015: Supernatural

When it comes to the supernatural a lot of people will generally think about different types of monsters, ghosts or even otherworldly forms such as Gods and Demons. This is all said to be true when entering the anime world, as a lot of anime depict these kinds of beings. Some have stories about them, … Continue reading Best Anime of 2015: Supernatural

“Rend!” Noragami Aragato Review and Recommendations

"Tonight we honor the hero." Noragami hits its 2nd season, continuing the God-centric show. The basic story follows Yato (A God) trying to build his shrine and gather worshipers by helping those who wish for him. After a lot of maturation of the characters in the first season, it was good too see that they … Continue reading “Rend!” Noragami Aragato Review and Recommendations