Best of Anime 2016: Shoujo

The shoujo genre is generally aimed at a younger female audience. With most of the anime in the genre having a female main character going through different kinds of feelings and sometimes hardship in order to reach an answer. We follow these characters on their journey, as they try to find what they really want, … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Shoujo

Best of Anime 2016: Slice of Life

The slice of life genre is one that may have conflicting views. It depends on the viewers life themselves, whether their own life be really hectic and fast, or something more simple and slow, where they may be use to one but not the other. When it comes to slice of life in anime, a … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Slice of Life

Best of Anime 2016: Romance

When it comes to romance, the easiest explanation for it is the concept of love. Many different anime have demonstrated love, in a variety of different forms. As most anime take the “normal” route, depicting the protagonist falling in love with another character, there are however, other niches such as harems and reverse harems. This … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Romance

Best of Anime 2016: Romance/Comedy

Within every RomCom there is always a time for romance and a time for comedy, or even both at the same time. The whole anime genre has always been actually quite expressive when it comes to release of anime. In 2016, the RomCom genre stuck closely to a more pure format. With the romance and … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Romance/Comedy

Spring 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: Overall the anime in the 2016 Spring season ended up being quite solid. However, there was a difference between what ended being really good and what ended up as solid seasons. This season had a variety of different anime airing, where there was generally something that appealed to someone (even if they had specific … Continue reading Spring 2016 ~ End of Season Awards