Best of Anime 2016: Animation

Dependent on the animation it has the possibility to turn viewers off if its not to their taste. It may vary from person to person, but generally a smooth flowing animation is better than a start-stopping choppy one. Through the animation of anime, one is able too see how truly good looking the landscapes, the … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Animation

Best of Anime 2016: Specials

Specials are basically extra content for a season of anime that is generally included within the Blurays or even released on other platforms such as websites. With a majority of specials expanding on the already existing story for an anime, we learn more about its characters or even other events that may have occurred. This … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Specials

Best of Anime 2016: Supernatural

When it comes to the supernatural a lot of people will generally think about different types of monsters, ghosts or even otherworldly forms such as Gods and Demons. This is all said to be true when entering the anime world, as a lot of anime depict these kinds of beings. Some have stories about them, … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Supernatural

Winter 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: Overall the anime within the 2016 Winter season were pretty solid. With many different anime fitting within more of the "niche" category of their respective genres due to offering something different. The animations for this season proved to be a good selection of colors to emphasize certain moments and situations in anime, where many … Continue reading Winter 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

“Questioning Reality” Musaigen no Phantom World Review and Recommendations

"What we call "reality" is a mere illusion created by our brains." Musaigen no Phantom World story revolves around the subconsciousness of human beings, whereby "phantoms" are manifested via the human subconsciousness, taking form off emotions that humans or even certain wordly items suppress. The main focus of the story centralizes around its cast, where … Continue reading “Questioning Reality” Musaigen no Phantom World Review and Recommendations