Summer 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: The 2016 Summer season brought with it a bunch of good and great anime. The season in a whole fell more onto the positive side of things, with many shows being quite easy to watch, get into and hype up. Story was a main driver in a lot of these anime, backed up with … Continue reading Summer 2016 ~ End of Season Awards


“Feel Good” Momokuri Review and Recommendations

"It seems like love means something slightly different to each of us." Momokuri brings about a story between 2 people, Momotsuki Shinya (Momo-kun) and Kurihara Yuki (Kurihara-san). However, this isn't really an ordinary couple, with it all beginning over Kurihara's obsessiveness over Momo. After the confession however, the story explores the further dynamics of the … Continue reading “Feel Good” Momokuri Review and Recommendations