“Rice is not a Side Dish” JK Meshi Review and Recommendations

"JK Meshi!" JK Meshi brings us an anime short revolving around 3 girls, Ryouka, Reina and Ruriko and their daily lives as high school girls. Every week comes a different topic in which they discuss as well as make a dish suited to that episodes theme. The overall timing of each episode gives the right … Continue reading “Rice is not a Side Dish” JK Meshi Review and Recommendations

“The Universe” JK Meshi Episode 26

On the final episode of JK Meshi, the girls return back from their trip to Kagawa and we "meet" Reina's older brother. It kicks off with Reina and Ryouka looking at photo's from their trip. Apparently Ryouka cried when she saw the basketball team and Reina gave them the snacks they made. While this was … Continue reading “The Universe” JK Meshi Episode 26

“For Three!” JK Meshi Episode 25

On the penultimate episode of JK Meshi the girl's are going on a trip and we are introduced to Ryouka's little sister Yuka. With the girls expecting to go on a trip due to Ruriko's aunt, they discuss what they can't wait to do. Ryouka takes control of the conversation with her interest in basketball, … Continue reading “For Three!” JK Meshi Episode 25

“Happy Hour” JK Meshi Episode 24

On this 24th week of JK Meshi, the final exams are over and the girls celebrate the best way possible, with some drinks! We kick off with Reina apparently doing well on her exams, due to her own abilities and of course last episodes 'Temari Lucky Fortune Sushi'. Though Ruriko on the other hand, go … Continue reading “Happy Hour” JK Meshi Episode 24

“Finance & Luck” JK Meshi Episode 23

This episode on JK Meshi, the girls exams are right around the corner (IT'S FINALS WEEK), Japanese youth finance and lucky food (for the exams). With Ryouka being at the top of the grade, she gives some advice for the other two being, the day before exams you want to be relaxed. Though this is … Continue reading “Finance & Luck” JK Meshi Episode 23