Winter 2017 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: With the end of the Winter 2017 season of anime, it brings the conclusion of the first batch of anime finishing in 2017. This season brought with it a bunch of comedic, light-hearted anime mostly revolving around cute girls doing cute things. Among others, there was a focus in drama with a bit of … Continue reading Winter 2017 ~ End of Season Awards

“Truck-kun” Fuuka Review and Recommendations

"That truck was just awful!" Based off Seo Kuoji's popular and notorious manga (and the sequel to Suzuka), Fuuka goes about exploring the journey of Haruna Yuu, from moving to a new town where he is swept up in the wind that is Akitsuki Fuuka. Fuuka, as an anime is one of discovery, of trying … Continue reading “Truck-kun” Fuuka Review and Recommendations