Best of Anime 2016: Character

Characters have the ability in an anime to turn it from really good to a masterpiece. With any character having the ability to have any personality and any style to match that, it is important to get the right combination. This must then mix in with the story in order to make that character the … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Character

“Candy Mountain” Dagashi Kashi Review and Recommendations

"Pog Champ!" Based on its synopsis, Dagashi Kashi is an anime that embodies the perfect elements of a comedy/shounen anime. The main focus around the whole anime is its characters, mainly being the interactions between four of them, Shidare Hotaru, Shikada Kokonotsu, and siblings Endo Saya and Tou, with candy (dagashi) the factor that brings … Continue reading “Candy Mountain” Dagashi Kashi Review and Recommendations