“Fondling” Masou Gakuen HxH Review and Recommendations

"Eros!" With the world being invaded by robotic beings from another dimension, it has resulted in humanity abandoning their homeland and moving onto mega floats throughout the ocean. Humanity relies on the power of Heart Hybrid Gears (HHG), power-suits which provide abilities to take on their robotic foes. The story follows one Hida Kizuna and … Continue reading “Fondling” Masou Gakuen HxH Review and Recommendations

“Deaded” I’m not dead

So basically I haven't posted anything for the past like 5 weeks, or since the latest anime season started. This is probably because nothing has really intrigued me or is obscure enough in my opinion to watch and then write something about every week. Nevertheless I guess it can be called a small break for … Continue reading “Deaded” I’m not dead