“BUH-NAH-NAH” JK Meshi Episode 21

On this episode of JK Meshi we get maths personified as magic, a graduation play that embodies everything learned in school, and the tale of the legendary BUH-NAH-NAH. It begins with Ryouka chanting "sine, cosine and tangent" over and over, as if she was making some concoction or magical spell. With this we find out … Continue reading “BUH-NAH-NAH” JK Meshi Episode 21

“Spring’s First South Wind” JK Meshi Episode 20

This episode on JK Meshi we start off in not the usual setting, but in a park. With Spring right around the corner in Japan there are many reasons to be running around and having fun, or catching up on deadlines as a student. Ruriko goes off on her own, trying to find something, Spring's … Continue reading “Spring’s First South Wind” JK Meshi Episode 20

“Valentines Chocolate” JK Meshi Episode 19

It's almost Valentines day on JK Meshi this episode, with Ryouka dreading this time of year, previously receiving a combined number of 1885 in letters and chocolate last year. For Valentines day being a huge day for females in Japan, Ryouka see's the opposite side of it in having to get 18885 return gifts (note … Continue reading “Valentines Chocolate” JK Meshi Episode 19

“Appreciation of the Arts” JK Meshi Episode 18

This week starts off with an appreciation of the arts, with Reina praising the opera and Ryouka the art appreciation circles Kabuki show. However, art is not for everyone, despite Ruriko's love of Madame Butterfly, she fell asleep right at the start. With the three needing to turn in a report on the art appreciation … Continue reading “Appreciation of the Arts” JK Meshi Episode 18

“Starting your day” JK Meshi Episode 17

Episode 17 starts off more on a downer with Reina not feeling that good as it wasn't just her day. With Reina being late to school and Ruriko just barely making it (due to her extreme pole climbing skills). The conversation shifts too the start in the morning, with it all starting in how you … Continue reading “Starting your day” JK Meshi Episode 17