Best of Anime 2016: Opening

An Opening song in anime generally sets the tone for the show. It may do a variety of things with its animation, from portraying the main themes of the show, to just showing the characters. It is important that the song choice fit the anime, provided with either an energetic starting (for a show with … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Opening

Best of Anime 2016: Story

Stories when read or watched can do a variety of different things. Stories have the ability to suck us into a world, as if though we were inside that world ourselves. They make us feel a variety of different emotions whether they be happy ones or sadder ones. Sometimes the story is used to tell … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Story

Best of Anime 2016: Animation

Dependent on the animation it has the possibility to turn viewers off if its not to their taste. It may vary from person to person, but generally a smooth flowing animation is better than a start-stopping choppy one. Through the animation of anime, one is able too see how truly good looking the landscapes, the … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Animation

Best of Anime 2016: Character

Characters have the ability in an anime to turn it from really good to a masterpiece. With any character having the ability to have any personality and any style to match that, it is important to get the right combination. This must then mix in with the story in order to make that character the … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: Character

Best of Anime 2016: OVA

OVA’s (Original Animation Video), are basically one off or “episodic” parts to an anime series released in Blu-rays. Like specials they expand on the story whether it be into greater detail of some sections, providing a different perspective or adding on to the end of a series. OVA’s provide to be some of the best … Continue reading Best of Anime 2016: OVA