“I’d Buy One” Frame Arms Girl Review and Recommendations

“I went outside with no panties on… Wait, what’ll I do about tomorrow’s panties?”

Airing this past Spring season, Frame Arms Girls brought us an anime basically revolving around the model set franchise. With a focus on its characters and their different abilities, looks and of course “personalities” Frame Arms Girl does a good job in trying to personify the product range.

1 2

The whole premise of the show revolved around gathering battle data from the model “Gourai”. It allowed itself to have a focus on each episode, introducing a variety of different characters and their interactions and relationships with each other. This allowed for smart episode direction resulting in an A & B side to each episode. The splitting of each episode into essentially two parts, sured up its consistency and the way the story unfolded, mainly focusing on certain aspects.

3 4

In other aspects, the animations took the full use of 3D CG anime in both its character design as well as its fight scenes. With this choice it really showed how efficient it was to use this style as it was a great choice in showing off each other characters and their models.

5 6

Ao Best Girl!

9 10

OP/ED: The OP & ED were very similar in style focusing on the characters/models themselves whilst providing an upbeat and energetic atmosphere to start and end each episode. The song choice flowed well with the animations resulting in great consistency.

11 12


Frame Arms Girl Was it Good?

Frame Arms Girl isn’t an anime for everyone. However, those with an interest in model sets should definitely watch this season of anime. With a bright bunch of characters and a nice energetic atmosphere, the whole series probably turned out to be one of the underrated anime series this season.

7 8

Recommendations: The anime mainly focused in on the areas of action and comedy in its interactions between characters. This can be seen in similar anime based around model sets and the stories they try to tell, thus I recommend the following:

  • Busou Shinki
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Akikan!

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