“Shield Weave!” Tsugumomo Review and Recommendations

“Pudding, Pudding….”

Tsugumomo follows the journey of one Kazuya Kagami as his powers relating to Tsugumomo (spiritual beings in which gain sentience after being used for a long time) are released. Kazuya becomes a malison cleanser with his now powered Tsugumomo, Kiriha (an obi) where he has to destroy Amasogi (spiritual beings with more beastial instincts).

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Tsugumomo in its genres does a good job in balancing both its action and ecchi elements. With a focus on its characters and their development throughout the story, the scenes in which these genres are portrayed added well to the development of them. These scenes often lead to extra bits of some easy ecchi-comedy moments, which provide for a quick laugh before moving on.

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The concept of common items becoming sentient is an interesting one, with the possibility to have anything turn into a Tsugumomo or Amasogi it was nice to see the added variety in “monsters” Kazuya and Kiriha had to fight. This variety kept the action scenes quite fresh and enjoyable to watch knowing that there was a need to use a different “move” or strategy to win every time.

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Kiriha Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP and ED were quite different in how they demonstrated themselves. With the OP focusing on the whole characters and the light-hearted interactions between characters, while the ED focusing mainly on the relationship between Kazuya & Kiriha. The music on the other hand matched this with a more energetic OP and a more smoother ED.

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Tsugumomo Was it Good?

Tsugumomo provided to be one of those anime who does well in displaying what it wants to be and what it is. With a mix of action, comedy and ecchi, the balancing of those moments were done quite well resulting in an enjoyable watch every episode. Overall, Tsugumomo is a good overall anime that is easy to get into.

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Recommendations: There are a bunch of different anime out there in which also embody the genres of action, comedy and ecchi, Tsugumomo falls well into those categories providing a great balance between all of them. The spiritual aspects can also be found within similar anime in these genres as well, thus I recommend the following:

  • To LoveRu
  • Isuca
  • Kannagi

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