“Chocolate Cornet” BanG Dream! Review and Recommendations

“My Heart is a Chocolate Cornet”

Starting in Winter 2017 whilst finishing in early spring, BanG Dream! follows a cast of high school girls and their journey towards becoming a band and performing at a live house for an audience. It’s premise of creating a bang is similar to other anime out there, where BanG Dream distinguishes itself by focusing on its members and their views towards music, performing and having fun together.

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With a focus on music it goes to say, that it provided to be one of the stronger performances when songs were sung. It was generally kept cute, focusing on the areas in which the girls like in regards to song content. This translated well in being a start up band, writing both the lyrics and music where its pace felt adequate towards how the whole journey occurred.

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In other areas, the animation takes a more solid turn, with a focus on bright colors and animations. This reinforced the overall atmosphere of the anime to keep things peppy just like the characters themselves.

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Saya Best Girl!

9 10

OP/ED: The OP and ED provided to be similar, both exemplifying the bright and energetic. There was a change up in animations for the OP opting for general animations for character introductions, but when performances were shown it was nice to see the CG animation used, providing to be quite fluid. The ED on other hand just mainly focused on its characters.

11 12

BanG Dream! Was it Good?

Bang Dream! ended up being an alright anime, it does its job in providing a journey for its characters mixed in with a bit of their development and the reflection of their development into the music they perform. With an overall brighter atmosphere it allows itself to be more of those “just sit back and watch” anime.

7 8

Recommendations: There are many different anime out there in which revolve around creating a band and performing music. BanG Dream! does come with a bit of drama but with a focus on its character development and how it influenced music, it fits well into the genre, like similar music anime out there, thus I recommend the following:

  • K-On!
  • Love Live School Idol Project
  • Love Live Sunshine
  • Hibike Euphonium


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