“Earth-Saving Hunter” Rewrite ~ Moon and Terra Review and Recommendations

“If humanity gets culled in the future and all the painful things go away, wouldn’t you feel a lot better?”

Rewrite’s 2nd season, Moon & Terra continues the story of Tennouji Koutarou, whilst adapting the “Moon” & “Terra” from the visual novel. It picks up based off the events from the first season, continuing on from all of the different events that had occurred. This time Koutarou is by himself, and it detracts from the “heroine” routes of the first season, to a story filled with more violence and action.

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The whole premise of the 2nd season is basically the route taken which develops more of the story after visiting those of the heroines in a visual novel. This season being more darker came jammed packed with more action and drama. But before that it was nice too see how they concluded the heroine routes with snippets of “past memories” of Koutarou and routes he has taken. The meaning of Rewrite comes into play as it is utilised to its power to the fullest extent along with those memories making, Koutarou more of an interesting character in how he uses them not just personally but for a bigger mission.

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When it came down to the action and drama however, it’s more of a tale of saving the Earth, but doing it in a sneak fashion. New characters are introduced and one by one they are slowly developed, bit by bit every episode with their interactions with Koutarou. The comedy also remains consistent with quick jabs being the focus taking away from the serious of the situation. These usually were met well due to the characters personalities, adding more variety and depth to them and their situations allowing for a nice break from all the drama and tension.

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Nishikujou Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP & ED focused on the Moon and Terra routes quite well. The animations opting to focus solely on Koutarou and his affect on the world. It’s a different pace from the first season, and it was well matched with the pace of the second. The songs also took more of a solemn turn, with how much more serious the events had become adding towards the whole atmosphere of this season.

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Rewrite ~ Moon and Terra Was it Good?

As it generally follows more of an ombinus format as world’s “reset” within Visual novels, it was nice too see how everything tied in together through the use of Koutarou’s Rewrite ability. The little things like this made it an interesting season to watch, and with all these little factors adding up it ended up resulting in a pretty good story and route for the anime to take.


Recommendations: Not many anime revolve around and place a heavy emphasis on its title, but being based of a visual novel it can be compared to more of the “true” routes that are adapted within anime. This being mixed in with a bunch of spy like action and drama only added to how much more serious this season was, and how different it compares to the first season, thus I recommend the following:

  • Darker Than Black
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index


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