“Precious Memories” Hand Shakers Review and Recommendations

“Are the true feelings hidden in that tiny box sweet or spicy?”

An original anime by studio GoHands, Hand Shakers uses the format of shaking hands to form partners in battle, in order to compete for a wish from God. This all exists within the Ziggurat (a world in which which essentially pauses the world in order to do battle), using the powers of Nimrods (representing the characters personality). It follows the journey of one Takatsuki Tazana and his partner Akutagawa Koyori and their goal to cure Koyori of her mysterious disease where she is unable to function without her partner holding her hand.

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The most stand out factor in Hand Shakers is its animation style. With the use of a strong 3d CGI style of animation it provides for a unique view on the eyes. At times it’s a pretty picture whereby the colors fly across the screen mixed in with variants of lighting to create an atmosphere of looking at a pretty picture through glass. There is also a further emphasis on the position of characters within the show. This distinct style of animation actually made it easier to see the difference between foreground and background creating a sense of “3D” imagery.

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Though, it’s not just about the animation, with a majority of the time being spent either showing dialogue between characters or the pairs fighting within the Ziggurat. The pacing for it is actually quite consistent in an “arc” like process where the focus shifts on a certain “pair” before they do battle. Each pair has their own nuance and it was nice to see the variety between them all from card games, to being an idol it highlights some parts of culture within Japan whilst also maintaining the focus on their dreams and aspirations.

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OP/ED: The OP and ED were like opposite ends of the scale in terms of pace and energy. With the OP opting for more of an electronic rock like start to the show, it allowed for energy to flow into each episode. It also focused on providing the animations focused around the battles between characters within the Ziggurat. The ED on the other hand focused on Koyori herself in a more calming sequence.

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Hand Shakers Was it Good?

Hand Shakers ended up being an okay anime within the end. It’s high points of its animation and its action sequences may be left to be desired by some people, but in a general sense it gets the job done, demonstrating what it’s suppose to do.

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Recommendations: It’s hard to recommend based on its unique animations style and the premise of holding hands. However, there are some anime out there which revolve around battles and using powers based upon each characters own personality, thus I recommend the following:

  • Guilty Crown
  • K
  • C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

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