“I’m Still Confused” Chaos;Child Review and Recommendations

“The hardest part was outsiders telling them to hang in there”

Set 6 years after the events of Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child is the sequel of the aftermath caused by the events of gigalomaniacs and the New Generation Murders. It is up to Miyashiro Takuru and the newspaper club, to get down to solving this case, as a resurgence of abnormal events start to occur in Shibuya again.

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Chaos:Child portrays itself as a supernatural, mystery anime. With a heavy emphasis on the mystery. With the story revolving around a similar case to its predecessor, it provides itself to be one of those murder-mystery anime in which the culprit is determined at the end of the anime. Having seen Chaos;Head, it does use the same elements in which caused the first proceedings to happen and then build upon them in its sequel. Rather than having a set story of its own, it did rely on information provided by that of its prequel.

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Chaos;Child at its heart actually may seem to be quite confusing, with the use of more psychological powers it allows itself to open doors to a variety of different ways in which mysteries are caused (adding more information intake). Though, it does remain consistent in its action sequences with the use of D-swords but as more of a weapon (it is a sword), rather than a tool of psychological power.

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OP/ED: Both the OP and ED used very similar styles in animations, opting for more of a monotone setting to reflect the anime’s themes. The songs on the other hand, were quite the opposite providing more of an energetic electric based start and a slower softer end.

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Chaos;Child Was it Good?

In my personal opinion I never really understood Chaos:Head in the first place, so taking on the sequel was pretty tough (and I can still say for myself I’m still a bit confused about what happened the whole season). Though, in saying this if you do enjoy mystery genre anime, and wrapping your head around the hints and clues they provide you, Chaos;Child ends you being a decent anime, if you understand everything that is.

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Recommendations: There are a bunch of mystery anime out there, a lot rely on the horror element for suspense and thrills. Rather than that, Chaos;Child takes the more psychological focus in order to provide it supernatural or abnormal events, thus I recommend the following:

  • Chaos;Head
  • Occult;Nine
  • Steins;Gate

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