“Truck-kun” Fuuka Review and Recommendations

“That truck was just awful!”

Based off Seo Kuoji’s popular and notorious manga (and the sequel to Suzuka), Fuuka goes about exploring the journey of Haruna Yuu, from moving to a new town where he is swept up in the wind that is Akitsuki Fuuka. Fuuka, as an anime is one of discovery, of trying new things where the characters revolve around another as they discover how they want to live their lives, with bumps a long the way.

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With a focus on creating a band for the story, it generally places a heavy emphasis on the music. However, the way in which it is used, to convey the characters feelings a long their journey was surprisingly a great way to go about it. With the story being full of drama and having some romance, it was all about the characters, where the music acts as reinforcement to their development rather than the focus itself. When dealing with high school drama, it can be seen as troublesome, with misunderstandings flying about. Communication is important and it was nice too see how it was developed with the characters actually acting like teenagers in their youth reflecting that of reality, where people will fight, love will blossom and of course dreams will try to be met. Haruna, being more of an introvert allowed for more of the other characters to take the first step, allowing for a greater focus on them and not just the main character.

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Fuuka also had other factors which reinforced its story, its animation is probably the other highlight, with a mix of many different bold and sometimes softer tones and colors, it allowed for each scene to transition to one another also reinforcing the atmosphere the characters are set in. However, the biggest factor is that it takes an original anime ending (not following the source material), and takes an original route, which was refreshing to see as it allowed for an actual “ending” for its story rather than a promise for the wait of a second season.

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Koyuki Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP actually was one of the songs from the actual anime, this choice was quite fitting in how it was a rock-based song to provide the energy needed for the start of the anime. On the other hand, the ED took the path of a softer feel, choosing to focus on the “heroines” within the story. This ED being mixed in with lighter and more colorful animations allowed for it to contrast with the darker stage like performance of the OP which was nice to see.

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Fuuka Was it Good?

With a story revolving around growing within the high-school genre, it does have it added taste of drama here and there. This being relatable allowed it for an easy watch, without having to think much about what was going to happen. In taking an original anime ending, it allowed itself to actually “finish” which was nice too see as it summed up everything in the end.

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Recommendations: At its heart Fuuka falls mainly into the genres of music, romance and drama. Also while being set in a high-school allows it to be easily recommendable compared to many other anime as there are a lot of similarities, thus I recommend the following:

  • Suzuka
  • White Album 2
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  • Kimi no Iru Machi

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