“Electric Mayonnaise” Akiba’s Trip the Animation Review and Recommendations

“Idol songs are best heard live!”

Based off a game, Akiba’s Trip the Animation portrays the life of one Dengikai Tamotsu and his fellow companions from DengkiMayonnaise to save Akihabara from the “Bugged Ones” which infest it and try to take over. This is done by essentially “stripping” them of their clothes in order to defeat them.

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The whole premise of stripping “people” to defeat them can be seen as quite over the top in a a general sense. However this plays second fiddle towards everything that happened in the anime. Akiba’s Trip the Animation probably is the most underrated show of the season as it places an emphasis on the different ‘cultures’ in which Akiba is consisted of. From idols, to card games, wrestling to computers, in an episodic style each of these cultures were explored and it basically showed how versatile Akihabara is in nurturing ones taste, however unique they may be.

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The pacing of the show also stood out quite well, with the right scenes were shown at the right times, its light-hearted antics for comedy, mixed in with a bit of story/character development along with some education on Akiba, it was nice too see how this all mixed together. This being mixed in with a bunch of colorful animations to match how unique Akiba is, it was great to see the whole thing come together in the end. It was also nice to see the different parodies the anime took off different franchises whether it be Yu-gi-oh or Street Fighter each was a joy to watch when you know the references.

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Niwaka Best Girl!

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OP/ED: It was unusual to see the amount of EDs in this anime, with seemingly a different singer for every episode, it really showed how much variety in singing. This matched well with the overall variety within the anime. The OP and EDs had distinctly different styles with the OP keeping it to the fighting within its animations, whilst producing a great “retro” sounding soundtrack. The EDs on the other hand with many different singers maintained the same animations, with the characters exploring Akihabara, a nice match.

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Akiba’s Trip the Animation Was it Good?

Akiba’s Trip the Animation ended up being a great anime, and probably one of the most underrated anime for this season. With the fighting taking the backseat and the exploration taking the front, it was nice too see how it all culminated together. It’s fun, light-hearted and something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this matching Akihabara’s style is why it makes it so great.

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Recommendations: There aren’t many similar anime out there which essentially explore a region within the world for a whole season. Though there are some in which take elements and parodies off others in order to show they can be interpreted. This being mixed in with a bunch of comedy and a bit of action resulted in something quite unique, thus I recommend the following:

  • Punch Line
  • Lucky Star
  • Gintama

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