“Trial by Fire” Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujouou-hen Review and Recommendations

“That I hated everything in this world. When I admitted that to myself, it felt so wonderful. Like a piece of me that was always missing finally fit into place.”

Ao no Exorcist returns for its 2nd season, moving onto the next arc within the series. Continuing on the story with its protagonist Okumura Rin and his struggle trying to live life as an exorcist while being the son of Satan. This season brought with it a bunch of new characters, where it explored to a greater detail the family’s of the other exorcists that study with Rin and their families, as well as their opinions and reactions to Rin’s dreaded blood.

1 2

This season ended up having pretty good pacing, with time for dialogue between characters, character development and of course action. With its selected moments the story was brought forth whereby, it was nice to see each of the characters reactions and how they eventually came to an answer of what to do about Rin. This also introduced another side to the religious faith, that being more of a Buddhist/Shinto faith originating from Kyoto and their mix with the True Cross Order which obviously represents Christianity.

3 4

When it came down to other part, the action it allowed for a spectacle to be shown. The animations turned out to be quite good despite the path chosen with all the fire on screen at times. It was nice too see the inferring differences between the elements being used both by exorcists and demons (especially that of fire) and how it was animated, where it was distinctly shown which fire was dangerous and where it wasn’t so much (softer animations), a nice added touch.

5 6

OP/ED: The OP and ED were very similar in pace, opting for a great deal of energy for that start and end of each episode. The choice of Uverworld for the OP was a pretty good one, producing a great song and of course great vocals to boot. The animations also continued the similarities with a focus on the characters.

9 10

Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujouou-hen Was it Good?

For an anime that generally falls under the shounen genre, it had its moments and turned out to be quite a good well rounded show. With a focus on a singular arc, it kept everything a nice boundary so that it wouldn’t get out of hand when it came down to telling the story. The elements of the anime, from its character development all the way to its animations made it a nice watch over the season.

7 8

Recommendations: Like many other anime out there it does fall under the proverbial shounen umbrella, linking this with other genres such as action and fantasy elements allows it to be easily recommendable to other series, thus I recommend the following:

  • Sousei no Onmyouji
  • D Gray Man Hallow/D Gray Man
  • Noragami
  • Tokyo Ravens



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