Best of Anime 2016: Specials

Specials are basically extra content for a season of anime that is generally included within the Blurays or even released on other platforms such as websites. With a majority of specials expanding on the already existing story for an anime, we learn more about its characters or even other events that may have occurred. This year the specials added towards being 1 off stories for their respective series. With lots of fun and energy being added to each of them, it allowed for each of them to be an interesting and easy watch. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Musaigen no Phantom World Special – ‘Beach Special’

“This is why I hate summer”

2 3

Musaigen no Phantom World takes the top spot for specials this year. With it being an added extra bonus, it allowed for some silly antics to come off in a special episode. Musaigen continues with its pretty picture and animations, with lots of vibrant bright colors. The story on the other hand matched well with more of the comedic side of the story allowing for an easy watch, with a bit of fan service here and there, it provided to be a nice package in the end.

Runners Up:

2) The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Anytime, Anywhere with Cinderella


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