Best of Anime 2016: Shoujo

The shoujo genre is generally aimed at a younger female audience. With most of the anime in the genre having a female main character going through different kinds of feelings and sometimes hardship in order to reach an answer. We follow these characters on their journey, as they try to find what they really want, whether it be a person or to change the world. Through the genre, different settings are provided for tension and drama, we experience what it feels like to take on those feelings whether they be good or bad. I don’t usually watch a lot or if any shoujo, but this year I did (it falls under the genre). With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Njiiiro Days – ‘Relationships’

“It’s going to be okay. Everyone fails once or twice.”

2 3

Nijiiro Days takes the rare top spot for shoujo anime this year for me. With not only having the perspective of the 4 guys but their 4 female counterparts as well allowed for an excellent perceptual change, when it came to dealing with relationships and feelings. With Nijiiro’s focus on relationships and the emotions they carry with them it was nice to see how everything culminated together. Learning from mistakes and falling in love, comes from an early stage in our life and it did really well in telling this story.

Runners Up: N/A


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