Best of Anime 2016: Music

When it comes to music genre, it is generally quite subjective. As one’s musical taste may not fit another. Though, as long as the music can be enjoyed by someone out there, it can be deemed to be good. Most music anime generally focus around idols, and the ‘anime’ genre, and the following anime strongly reinforce that. This year in anime the music genre placed a heavy emphasis on using music as a medium to reach out to others. It was based upon competition and the right songs were chosen to envelop the characters feelings in order to provide a nice tune for all to listen to. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Love Live Sunshine – ‘Sunshine!’

“Rather than words speaking of our dreams, let’s put them into song”

2 3

Idols Idols Idols this year was the school kind & Love Live Sunshine takes the top spot this year for music. Sunshine allowed for a further successful extension on the Love Live franchise. When it comes to idols, music is placed at the most important part, to deliver a good show and with that the members of Aquors provided a great ensemble of music to listen to. Everyday people aspire to be someone famous, and with Aquors journey into the scene, and their ability to sing and dance, it allowed them to dream, and eventually sing for that dream.

Runners Up:

2) Macross Delta
3) Hibike Euphonium S2
Special Mentions: N/A



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