Fall 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: With the close of the 2016 Fall season of anime, it saw the end of the anime seasons for 2016. I quelled my expectations for this season, where there were a couple of standouts, which allows for this season to be taken more positively than from its outset. It was a mixed bag, but there were a lot of anime with comedy in them, but not as their main genre. This led to some unexpected laughs throughout the season, which was pleasing to watch.

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How did I judge what was good?

Everything is subjective in a review, I find it difficult to review things objectively unless there is a community consensus on how good something is (there never really is). So, in the end I review based on my taste and on the best points of an anime. Whether it gave me the satisfaction of watching it, put a smile on my face or just generally made me think were some criteria I used.

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OP/ED: The OPs & EDs did vary this season, but a majority of them were on the bright, energetic and upbeat side. With a lot of these tracks it allowed for an exciting start and finish to each episode of anime. In comparison to other seasons, it “could” be perceived as being better, as more songs made the list.

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In that being said here we go:

OP of the Season:

  1. Shino Shimoji – God Save The Girls (Stella no Mahou)
  2. Ishida Yoko – Ashita no Tsubasa (Brave Witches)
  3. Tomatsu Haruka, Hikasa Yoko, Amamiya Sora – Eyecatch! Too Much! (WWW.Working!!)
  4. Special Mentions:
    • Bump Of Chicken – Answer (3-gatsu no Lion OP)
    • Itou Miki, Waki Azumi, Komaki Miyu, Naganawa Maria, Takao Kanon & Suzuki Eri – Cheer For You (Ani Tore XX)

ED of the Season:

  1. Kitauji Quartet – Vivace! (Hibike Euphonium S2)
  2. Lynn, M.A.O, Hondo Kaede, Oonishi Saori – Hip Girlfriends! (Keijo!!)
  3. Girlfriend – Hide & Seek (Sousei no Onmyouji)
  4. Special Mentions:
    • Minami Tsuda – Koi ni Matsuwaru Etcetera ~Misumi Rin no Baai~ (Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+!)

Fall 2016 Anime of the Season:

  1. Keijo!!!!
  2. Stella no Mahou
  3. WWW.Working!!!
  4. Special Mentions:

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