“Hopes and Dreams” Keijo!! Review and Recommendations


With a new sport introduced in addition to horse, bike, boat and cars gave breath to a new form of legalized gambling, Keijo. Keijo is the sport where girls compete on top of a float in the middle of the water, using only their breasts and butts to knockoff their opponents to achieve victory. The whole concept of Keijo being a sport can seem very silly, as it is filled with fanservice. However, Keijo is more than that, with this anime offering more than meets the eye, with a nice well rounded story of rookies entering a sport to make it to the pros, from helping out one another as a team, Keijo actually turned out to be a great season of anime this past fall.

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Following one Kaminashi Nozomi and her friends, Miyata Sayaka, Aoba Kazane and Toyoguchi Non, the story of Keijo takes place. Like all other sport anime out there, a journey is created from one with very little skills to that of one becoming stronger and then defeating opponents with the new found strength and skills that they learn. its a journey of hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams. The characters themselves meshed well together and it was nice to see how the encouragement they gave. With both high and lows in the story it allowed for the creation of tension, allowing for excitement in scenes that may have been loss, but ending up with a close victory in the end.

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This journey was filled with action, drama and comedy and it was all nice too see it bundled into one season of anime. It flowed really well, and the colorful, bright animations added towards the tense and calm scenes, distinguishing the atmosphere at appropriate times. At its heart however, is the fan service, it’s all about the boobs and butts. Though, some may see it as blatant, it actually added towards the whole concept of the sport. With the use of different moves and the naming sense that came a long with them, it provided to be quite enjoyable to watch. Some of the names were quite amusing with references to other character fighting moves, this allowed for the comedy to flow well not just in between the dialogue but also while the action was happening.

8 9

Miyata Best Girl!

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OP/ED: Keijo’s OP and ED were quite bright and colorful in their animations. With a focus on the 4 main characters, it was nice too see how they matched the story line about the girls helping each other out and growing together. As with sport there are two sides, with the actual competition and the scenes behind it, with the OP conveying the former and the ED conveying the latter. It was also nice to see that the seiyuu cast had added to the singing of the ED.

13 14

Keijo Was it Good?

For a sports anime, it did all that it could to provide that feeling you get when watching an exciting sports team you like. By providing a journey situated around 4 girls, it added towards not just the competitors themselves but the entirety of the sport, a sport filled with hopes and dreams. Bundled with action, drama and comedy, Keijo turned out to be a great anime and for those who enjoy the fan service, even more-so.

10 11

Recommendations: There are tons of similar sports anime which give off that feeling of excitement when watched. Keijo does have its elements of fan service which may have been lacking in other sports anime. Though it does provide a quite nice story line filled with action, drama and comedy, thus I recommend the following:

  • Kuruko no Basket
  • Free
  • Shokugeki no Soma
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Ben-to

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