“Making Magic” Stella no Mahou Review and Recommendations

“If you mix two ordinary flavors together, you can enjoy their refreshing chaos. Don’t you think it’s a simple solution for our mundane lives?”

Upon enrolling into high school Honda, decides to join the SNS Club in order to find something she likes doing. With that, she meets all the existing members in the club and as they decide to create a new game, Honda is placed at the reigns of the illustrations for the game.

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As an anime Stella no Mahou turns out to be one of those sweet, cute girls doing cute things shows. With the whole story revolving around the characters in the club, as they learn together and make each other better in order to produce a game to their fitting. It’s that light and fluffy feeling you get from the show, as the characters interact within that slice of life setting, mixed in with a bit of comedy here and there. Though, it was also great to see Honda’s development over the series, in coming to find something she likes doing as well as improving her art to her own acceptable standard, it provides a sweet tale to a sweet journey.

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Stella no Mahou can be also generally depicted as one of those “moeblob” shows. With brightly colored and lit animations, it adds to the softer tones of the characters and the story. This well matching animation provided to be actually quite pretty at times, with the colors making scenes quite vibrant from whether the characters were in the buildings, to when they were outside (for example near a river). It created a great atmosphere for those anime, with those ambient tones being some of the most pretty.

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Fujikawa Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP & ED had some of the most well fitting animations I’ve ever seen in an anime. With the use of 8-bit pixels as animations in the OP with a game like layout and information (skills and jobs/class) about the club matched really well with the overall story of the anime being making games. This being combined with a upbeat tune & bright colors for the OP & the changing old style game based animations and electronic tune for the ED allowed for a nice combination of start and end to each episode.

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Stella no Mahou Was it Good?

Stella no Mahou with all of its characters interactions and well matching animations provided to be a great slice of life & comedy anime. At its heart is a cute girls doing cute things show, but it does provide its own journey for that of its characters. This foundation being combined with other supporting factors such as having a both great and matching, animations and music, made it ever-so better.

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Recommendations: Stella no Mahou does a great job in highlighting its slice of life and comedy elements. With it falling under the cute girls doing cute things umbrella it provides to be one of those moeblobs within every season of anime. With that being said, these terms do match a lot of the current anime out there and thus I recommend the following:

  • Kiniro Mosaic
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?
  • GJ-Bu
  • New Game
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Wakaba*Girl



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