“Sound” Hibike! Euphonium S2 Review and Recommendations

“You’re judged as not having put in the effort, as having been inferior”

Back from its well received first season, Hibike Euphonium blasted our screens with some good old orchestra based music. With the whole series revolving around Kita Uji high school’s concert band, it explores a different style of music (as opposed to contemporary) and the drama revolving around its members in the club.

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As it is a second season, it does well in kicking off where it left, as the hopes and aspirations and dreams of making it to the nationals is certainly portrayed through this season. Hibike does a good job in balancing all of the slice of life elements and drama that comes a long with it, whereby it seemed to flow well from episode to episode. At its pinnacle, the story telling does flesh out more, with added depth towards other characters within the band making it more interesting and well rounded.

5 6

At it’s heart however, Hibike was a sight to behold, as KyoAni work there wonders to make a very pretty looking show. From highlighting certain aspects of characters, their facial expressions to different scenic backgrounds and backdrops, the animation is top tier here. The other highlight is that of the music, whereby classical music doesn’t really get enough credit for what it is in this day and age, it provides to be a still solid form of listening.

7 8

Kaori Best Girl!

1 2

OP/ED: The OP and ED matched well with the whole animations being top tier aspect. They were pretty and it looked like they really matched the aspect of having fun while being in a club atmosphere. When it came down to vocals, it was nice to see that they used the same signers from both OP and ED from the 1st season. They both provided a lot of energy and the choice to choose the 4 girls seiyuu’s was an added bonus.

12 13

Hibike Euphonium S2 Was it Good?

For an anime revolving around its members, a common goal and the journey they take to it, Hibike Euphonium’s second season does a well rounded job in summing up everything from the 1st season. With the whole story being filled with drama and slice of life elements, it provided to be an anime with a well relatable cast and story line to follow. This being added with some great animations and music provided to be one of the reasons the core of the show is so strong.

9 10

Recommendations: There are many different anime out there which revolve around a club and it’s members journeys, however not so many which focus on classical music. When it comes to these types of anime, its all about the journey, and there are similar anime to Hibike Euphonium in its slice of life and drama elements, thus I recommend the following:

  • K-On!!
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  • Tari Tari
  • Nodame Cantabile

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