“Forbidden Borderline” Macross Delta Review and Recommendations

“Eyes on the edge, on the forbidden borderline. I’ll break all limits, no matter how tough”

Macross Delta further explores into the Macross franchise set by previous seasons. Based off these events, we are presented with a world that is set upon by the “VAR” virus, which can only be combated by activating the fold receptors within people to combat the virus. This is done by “singing” and the combat idol unit Walkure. With additions to a story which revolves around this virus and a war due to past conflicts, Macross Delta provides a combination of both action, music and mecha elements.

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Macross does put a heavy focus on its 3 major elements of action, mecha and music. Seeing these so profound in each episode made a really solid base for the whole series. With music being one of the genres, it’s important to note how the music can affect the situation and feelings while watching. Walkure provides to be a wonderful group of singers in which powerful vocals add towards scenes, whether they be energetic songs for action scenes, or more ballad like ones for more solemn. The choice of music played a huge role in the whole universe as it was used as a mechanic to solve problems. This being combined with seemingly fluid action scenes and great aerial/space mecha battles allowed for Macross Delta to shine.

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This however, is all not possible with a great animation production. The use of many different bright colors to match walkure, but also the lasers that fire out of the mechs, created a lot of pretty lights to see while watching. The fluidity of everything from transforming from a mech to a plane, the dance movements of Walkure and of course some really beautiful landscape backgrounds really created a great atmosphere within the world.

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Mirage Best Girl!

11 12

OP/ED: There were many different OPs and EDS, with Walkure being an idol unit, it was nice too see the OPs and EDs embrace and use their resources to their full potential in the songs they sung. This being combined with a change up in animations also allowed for great variety and a better sense in the characters within the anime.

9 10

Macross Delta Was it Good?

Macross Delta provides a great action packed series of anime. The music has an amplifying effect over everything in the show, where the song choice fit the right scenes making everything so much better. This being combined with a bit of drama and really good animations made Macross Delta a great addition to the Macross universe.

7 8

Recommendations: Macross Delta uses music as a medium in order to explore a story line based around a universe ravaged by previous events. The main focus on action, mecha and music provides a solid base for the series, where it can be found in many similar ones, thus I recommend the following:

  • AKB0048
  • Gundam
  • Macross, Macross F, Macross 7

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