“Feel Good” Momokuri Review and Recommendations

“It seems like love means something slightly different to each of us.”

Momokuri brings about a story between 2 people, Momotsuki Shinya (Momo-kun) and Kurihara Yuki (Kurihara-san). However, this isn’t really an ordinary couple, with it all beginning over Kurihara’s obsessiveness over Momo. After the confession however, the story explores the further dynamics of the relationship and how it comes to fruition.

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It’s as though the weirdness (in a way) in how the couple was formed was something that doesn’t seem that ordinary. With Kurihara-san being borderline stalker-ish and Momo being very naive, it creates a dynamic that hasn’t been really explored. It was nice to see how it contrasts to that of moments of going through ones first relationship, like wading through the water rather than diving straight in. It’s cute and subtle moments actually move away from the reason why the couple was formed, and moving into that “ordinary territory”. The way everything was portrayed actually provided a story well worth watching.

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It’s the subtle hints from ones partner that probably feel the most heartwarming when watching the show. This being combined with the other characters initiation to help the two feel more “together” allowed for some comedic moments, and their journey is one that makes you “feel good”. The harder moments can be seen as small hills in a relationship, and it keeps it realistic in a sense, solving them through conversation. It was nice to see this development and growth in their relationship.

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Rio Best Girl!

12 13

OP/ED: The OP was on more of the “fun” side. With the 2 seiyuu or Momo and Kurihara, singing the song, it felt so appropriate to the whole anime. The quirky, yet energetic animations and tempo of the song made it feel like it was really about those two. The ED however, focused more on the main cast and their affect on the relationship, probably highlighting the two most important factors from the anime.

9 10

Momokuri Was it Good?

Momokuri comes out as one of those feel good anime. One of those that puts a smile on your face after watching after a hard day. The dynamic between the two created is quite realistic and it was nice too see their development over the whole season. With added bits of comedy and drama at times, it does creates a small bundle of happiness well worth watching.

7 8

Recommendations: Momokuri places a heavy emphasis on the development of a relationship between 2 people, from the ups and downs it creates a realistic sense of a couple and what happens between them, thus I recommend the following:

  • Kimi ni Todoke
  • Acchi Kocchi
  • Nijiiro Days
  • Ore Monogatari



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