“8 Years” D.Gray-man Hallow Review and Recommendations

“Don’t stop… Keep walking”

After 8 years of hiatus, D.Gray-man hits the screens with its season Hallow. Continuing on from where it left off all those years ago, it probably seems appropriate to go either re-watch its previous season or read the manga in order to get a refresher of what’s going on. With the battle still raging between the Demons (Akuma), Noah and the Millenium Earl & the Order/Exorcist, the tension ever so increases after the remnants from the previous season. Allen is still Allen and there have been changes to the voicing cast, but it’s still the good old D.Gray-man.

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Hallow actually takes more of an internal turn towards the insights of the order, and the “questionable” events that occur in order to tilt the war into their favor. D.Gray-man has always been a staple of representing the impact of religion and how its basically a symbol for Christianity against “Satan”. Though with everything that occurs in Hallow, it feels like it takes more of a realistic twist to the more negative light and organization that is the “Church”, where everything is not all cotton candy, hugs and niceties and their are hidden agendas. With all this power behind an organization it was nice too see it all flesh out using Allen as the catalyst, whilst also incorporating good old Akuma/Noah fighting at the same time.

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It’s always nice to see different characters using different powers and Hallow brings a season and cast with one that probably has some of the most variety. From different innocence that take the form of weapons, clothes or even using the exorcists bodies, it added a lot of variation in the different styles of combat and action sequences that could take place. This being combined with adequate coloring through its animation to signify when things are going bad or good was something pleasing on the eyes.

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Lenalee Best Girl!

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OP/ED: Hallow returns to use 2 contrasting songs in its OP and ED. The OP takes more of the energetic rock-based route, where it provides a electric start to each episode. The ED on the other hand was more of a slower-ballad like song, creating a slower end to each episode. The animations however, were quite similar in the darker tones and color usage which really matched the season as a whole.

11 12

D.Gray-Man Hallow Was it Good?

D.Gray-man Hallow signifies a good return to a already popular franchise. It’s continuation from the story line (rather than retelling and adopting a new one), was a good decision to take and taking a more in depth look towards the Exorcist/Order was a nice addition towards the season. It does have some varying differences in its cast and animation, however it still good old D.Gray-Man.

9 10

Recommendations: D.Gray-Man brings about two sides fighting each other due to an ongoing war and differences. Hallow brings about the return of all the action and drama from the previous season, and incorporates it into a nice refresher to everything, thus I recommend the following:

  • D-Gray-Man
  • Sousei no Onmyouji
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Owari no Seraph



One thought on ““8 Years” D.Gray-man Hallow Review and Recommendations

  1. I’ve absolutely loved this return by D Gray Man. I know objectively there are better shows that have been out this season, but this is D Gray Man and I’d long ago given up on it returning so have just loved every minute of it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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