“Bathing” Ange Vierge Review and Recommendations

“So if everyone in zombie movies became zombies, there’d be nothing left to eat”

Ange Vierge is an anime based off a card game by Fujimi Shobo and Media Factor. It follows a group of characters slotted into the UC (Uncommon) class as their world is turned upside down and have to face not just their enemy, the Ouroboros from a different world, but also other “characters” or cards (mainly SR, & EXR).

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For an anime based off a card game, it actually has a well rounded story line behind everything. With the Progress and alpha drivers fighting against the Ouroboros with the fate of the world on the line it creates a path for the characters to take. this is well put together with the atmosphere of the show, as the several different “worlds” in the anime provide each their own uniqueness from magic, to science of just the regular Earth. This whole world building creates sense in everything that occurs and helps emphasize the characters, where they are from and their backgrounds. The animations that link with the characters, their powers and the landscapes provide for a pretty little picture in each episode. It was nice too see colors beings used to signify certain characters and the world they are from, making it easy to notice what was going on behind all the flashy, colorful animations.

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Looking deeper into it, a majority of the time is spent between either dialogue or fighting between characters. It’s one of those anime that provides the basis and meaning towards why the characters are fighting and using that to help resolve the deeper differences such as understanding, offering a great sense of realism and comparison to human relationships.

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Amane Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP and ED basically focus on two different things. With the OP focusing on the anime, it allowed for the animations to shine through its characters and of course action sequences. The ED on the other hand focused on the card game, keeping it simple basically showing the characters in card form. In terms of music, the faster pace tones provide a good match to the whole anime.

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Ange Vierge Was it Good?

Ange Vierge actually does quite well in terms of a card game being adapted into an anime. It doesn’t try to overextended in adding a bunch of elements, but does well in sticking to a set of core elements to provide a solid season. It’s simple and easy to get into story line combined with a nice little package on animations for its background and characters make Ange Vierge one of the card game adapted anime out there.

9 10

Recommendations: It’s easy to compare Ange Vierge to many other card game adapted anime out there. With it’s genres mainly focusing around action, plus the addition of its focus on its characters, a simple but solid formula is created, thus I recommend the following:

  • Luck & Logic
  • Kancolle: Kantai Collection

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