“All for the Breasts” Rewrite Review and Recommendations

“Boobs transcend all reason and situations! That’s just how boobs work!”

Based off a visual Novel by Key, Rewrite hit the screens projecting a story based around humanity and its affect on the planet. However, as it is based off a visual novel it takes the path of exploring the different routes of “heroines” before coming towards the common “end” route. With a heavy emphasis on its characters and their interactions, it provides a story which heavily relies upon its drama and comedy to provide an entertaining watch.

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The whole story is told via the perspective of one Tennouji Koutarou, and his affect on the world. Through Koutarou’s view we see the world expand as well as his own, moving around to help those who need it. This basis provides for a strong foundation for the telling of several stories which succinctly allow for each “route” to be explored of each of the girls Koutarou interacts with.

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Knowing that it is a anime based of a Key visual novel, it provides expectations for dramatic sequences and events which involve the supernatural. This is clearly shown in how Koutarou and his fellow companions have some sought of “power” which affects the world. This being mixed in with opposing sides vying for either “destroying” or “saving” the Earth allows for each character to be fleshed out in depth. But it isn’t all drama and suspense at times, with the filled space between scenes mainly consisting of comedy. The comedy shines brightly throughout the series as it mainly consists of quick remarks made by the characters based off Koutarou actions. With a 13 episode run, it does lead to some questioning about the pacing of the anime, but a right balance between comedy (mainly in the first half) and drama (mainly in the 2nd half) is found. However, the way Rewrite has been set out, it has obviously set itself out for a 2nd season. In saying this though, in having a 2nd season is actually quite smart use of production in how the story unfolded throughout the season.

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Kotori Best Girl!

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OP/ED: Rewrite provided its fair share of OPs and EDs. With each of the animations throughout both of the OPs and EDs matching what was occurring in the anime (generally what route they were on) it allowed for a good start/end and reminder to each episode. The musical themes on the other hand take a very smooth more melodic approach, which allows for an easy listen.

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Rewrite Was it Good?

Rewrite in itself is a good start for the adaptation of the visual novel. Like many Key anime it does hold its strong foundations through its exploration of the routes before reaching the “end” route. With a strong basis and focus around its comedy and drama, Rewrite provides for a both interesting and funny watch, combining the best of the two together.

8 9

Recommendations: The best recommendations would generally be other anime in which Key has had a part in. It follows the general formula of adapting a Key Visual Novel, and all the elements together prove why it works well, thus I recommend the following:

  • Clannad
  • Angel Beats
  • Charlotte
  • Little Busters

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