“Starteller” Planetarian Review and Recommendations

“Why don’t you come to the planetarium…”

Key brings us this season a of ONA’s (original net animations) based on their visual novel, Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. It’s set based in a world which has been disparaged, which humanity has been pushed out of “civilization” and lives on the outskirts of towns which are now infested by robots who attack humans on site. The story follows one Junker (Kuzuya/Junker-san) and his tale of going into a city to find supplies where he finds a robot that is used to help humans which was left behind.

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The whole dynamic of the show relies on the 2 characters, Hoshino, Yumemi (Robot) and Kuzuya (Junker-san). From its initial look out nothing really much happens between episodes as Junker-san basically helps fix the planetarium after discovering the robot and “bending” to her wishes of showing the stars to all her customers. Though the journey is one not through action, but through dialogue and as we see throughout the season, the two grow more attached to each other, where the longer Junker-san spends around Yumemi the more she rubs off on him. In a world that is desolate and humanity is on the brink of extinction, it does insight the questioning of human companionship where it questions whether or not a robot is able to fill a hole for humans just by being useful too them. It’s a slow push where we see the dynamics of the two basically go through a philosophical and psychological lesson, where the 2 learn off each other about dynamics that may seem unworldly such as emotions and concepts such as heaven.

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The anime itself is niche and is probably animated in the right way. With the story playing 2nd part to its characters yet also being their to push their development. The relationship between the 2 often leads to insight into other questionings such as purpose and reason, but its answers seem to be kept simple, in defining how someone acts or thinks based upon their surroundings and then trying to fill everything else in by their interactions with other people. It’s both complex and through provoking but also simplistic and humbling (in regards to true human value) to watch at the same time.

7 8

Yumemi Best Girl!

1 2

OP/ED: There was only really and ED, which provided short chibi animations of Yumemi and her role within the planetarium. It was quirky and really was a stark contrast to the dull world provided in the anime. It really matched well with Yumemi’s ongoing positive attitude throughout the anime despite humanity’s situation.

11 12

Planetarian Was it Good?

For a show that revolves around 2 characters and places its dialogue of its storytelling, it provides to be a pretty good watch. It has its moments when it highlights some complex thoughts mixed in with simplistic actions which provides to be a confusing concept when read on paper, but when animated it really does shine.

9 10

Recommendations: Planetarian is actually quite a unique show, one where it is difficult to recommend other anime, its a mix of different things and recommendations can be based upon a certain number of factors which relate to it. Though at its heart it does demonstrate questions about humanity and humanity’s interactions with robots, so thus I recommend the following:

  • Plastic Memories
  • Chobits

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