“Expansion” Arslan Senki S2 – Fuujin Ranbu Review and Recommendations

“And thus the boy would become king…”

Arslan Senki is back for a 2nd season continuing Arslan the Crown Prince’s journey to capture back his homeland and regain control of Pars. This season ended up being one that would cause a shift in the overall strategy of reconquering his homeland, whereby there would be a bunch of different hurdles to get over, which could be seen as smaller steps than those taken in the first season.

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This season shone more through the overall development of the country as a whole rather than Arslan’s group of merry compatriots. From changes in leadership to new leaders appearing, it goes to say it was kind of a roller-coaster with all the different people involved. Different story’s were told, with both new and developing ones, these all added to the depth of the situation at hand and it was nice to see that these “smaller” steps were necessary to the development of Arslan, who wants to become king.

4 5

The action maintains its consistency throughout the season, with different circumstances and tactics being used dependent on the battle. It comes to be refreshing when it is then moved from land and then to sea, as we are able to see different parts of the country and not just Peshawar and Ecbatana. It was basically an expansion from what is already existing and been told, and only adding towards that foundation was something that made it good to watch.

6 7

OP/ED: In terms of the vocals for both OP & ED they turned out to be similar in a sense. With Eir Aoi and Kalafina both having similar styles with powerful voices it was a really nice way to start and end each episode. The animations seemed to be on the brighter side as it does kind of reflect Arslan and his perspective of a world which could be made better.

10 11

Arslan Senki Was it Good?

Overall Arslan Senki provides to be a good 2nd season for the series, it adds on to where it needs to and provides new places for growth to occur. With everything that happens it was nice too see the expansion and added depth of not just the main characters at play but also the country as a whole.

8 9

Recommendations: Arslan Senki’s 2nd season is very much inline with the genres of the first season, with both action and politics being main staples throughout the season, it was quite easy to recommend the same or similar anime to the first season, thus I recommend the following:

  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis
  • GATE ~ Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
  • Chaos Dragon Sekiruu Seneki

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