“Justice” Taboo Tattoo Review and Recommendations

“Big breasts are filled with dreams, but small ones are filled with hope.”

Akatsuka Seigi (Justice) is pushed  into a world hidden from the eyes of society, where tattoo’s are used to give hidden powers to those with them. This premise comes long with a power struggle between the country of the Serinistan Kingdom and America fighting for the use of these Tattoos and various ruins which come a long with them.

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The whole story has an overarching plot above what we see from Seigi’s eyes throughout the season. However, this has some of the most impact on Seigi, where as he isn’t one that directly influences everything, but what happens influences him. It’s kind of a one side overbearing affect of others, as Seigi learns through all the fighting and death, what justice truly is. From what occurs throughout the show, it places a philosophical perspective on the whole concept, on good” and “bad”, and the certain virtues in which humanity should live by, whether or not people need justice for the perceived “bad” things they do from others perspectives.

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This is mainly portrayed through a variety of different action sequences, which usually end up bad for the main characters. Death is a common occurrence and seeing this adds a little extra or “umph” to an otherwise shounen-esque show. With the drama that unfolds and the mental state of characters questioning and changing, it was nice to see these psychological affects basically mirroring the “intense” nature of the fights with blood and body parts.

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Touko Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP and ED used a variety of different animation, showing each of the characters essential to the plot. Consistency is kept throughout both where similar tones and colors are used. The songs can be considered on the “faster” pace side, of things, which match well with the action in the anime.

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Taboo Tattoo was it Good?

It’s hard to say what kind of anime Taboo Tattoo actually is. It’s a show that tries to basically tie in a bunch of different things together, to form some sort of action based shounen anime providing to be an “alright” watch. Those who enjoy action sequences which go hard with the blood and limbs, should find it more appeasing.

9 10

Recommendations: Taboo Tattoo is a mix of different hings, some being more philosophical and psychological, and some being just plain old action, with both coming together, it does provide a shounen based anime, with some variations, thus I recommend the following:

  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Big Order



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