“I Love You Hooray!” Love Live The School Idol Movie Review and Recommendations

“μ’s Music Start!”

Coming off the 2nd season of the Love Live School Idol Project, the movie creates a proverbial end towards the group that is μ’s. We are introduced once again, to all of the girls and their trip to America, in order to generate popularity and hype for another year of Love Live, which would be held at the Akiba Dome.

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The whole movie was really the embodiment of everything which happened throughout the 2 seasons. With the school idol group μ’s journey coming to an end, it was a nice sum up overall where we were reminded of all the ups and downs and funny moments. The drama was superbly carved out within the 1 hour 30 minute running, with just enough to flesh out the thoughts of a group coming to its end.  It was nice too see that it wasn’t a sad ending but something that the group came together to do, reminding us of the reason why μ’s  was created. The “passing” on of the torch of μ’s  to the other school idol groups into the future, was possibly one of the best ways to end the series, leaving it open for other groups in the franchise.

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Of course when it comes to idol based anime/anime movies the music plays the most important role in exploring the world, the feelings of the characters and of course the fun itself. With mainly upbeat songs it was great to see where they fit within the story line whilst also offering a nice tune to listen to. It is also always great to see the animations be bright and colorful creating a good positive atmosphere throughout the movie.

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Maki Best Girl!

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OP/ED: For movies there aren’t really any OPs, but there was an ED. The ED was probably one of the most suitable ones for the series, with the whole concept of saying goodbye, it was nice to see it be for μ’s last live. The fade out to the credits with a background of the outfits they wore for practice really showed the effort the girls put in to become not just school idols, but μ’s itself.

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Love Live! The School Idol Movie Was it Good?

The bond between the 9 girls of μ’s is something that would stick for a very long time for those who have been following the franchise. The movie in a really good way, keeps all of the good parts within the anime series, compiles it all together into one little neat package and a great sendoff for the girls.

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Recommendations: I haven’t watched many music based movies, but it is always nice to see an anime series or movie being based around idols. With a strong focus on drama, music, animation and sometimes comedy I recommend the following:

  • K-On! Movie



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