Deirii Raifu’s Favorite Anime

This list will provide more of a subjective perspective to my favorite anime. Among all the anime I’ve concurrently watched there have been a few gems which have stood out to me which I enjoyed the most while watching. If you wish for a more objective view you can go to my Top 10 Anime list. Generally I based these upon how much I enjoyed watching them + other niche factors that I think are quite valuable to that enjoyment.

With that being said, here we go:

Special Mentions: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, GJ-Bu, Princess Lover

10. Nisekoi S1/S2

Nisekoi 1 Nisekoi 3

With my introduction to the concept of teams after searching through various anime community websites, Nisekoi brings the best possible ingredients to the platter. With a variety of different girls in a Rom/com based anime, Nisekoi does a good job in matching different characters and their certain personalities in their relationship with 1 Ichijou Raku. The content is kept light and bubbly and it is nice to see the different reactions of the characters.

9. K-On!! 

K-On 1 K-on 2

With some of the best music coming from this series, K-On!! Doesn’t just provide a story based around playing music. It’s lighthearted and funny most of the times with the girls mainly being the forefront of the jokes. Whether it be their actions or the things Yui says, K-On was a boat load of fun to watch. However, it is not just light and funny, there are some dramatic moments whereby it created variety and made it very pleasing to watch.

8. Shugo Chara Series 

Shugo Chara 1 Shugo Chara 2

More of a kids based anime. Shugo Chara was probably one of the first anime/manga combinations I read and watched. The anime has lots of colorful animations, a very neat and lighthearted story line around growing up. It provides you with those feelings of warmth when the main Hinamori Amu achieves something. But, the best part of this show was probably the music from Buono. With the OP and ED’s providing so much energy, it was hard to not like them. This being combined with some live action scenes before the start of the show made it so worthwhile.

7. Angel Beats! 

Angel Beats 1 Angel Beats 2

Angel Beats at its beginning provided many laughs to be had. When the switched flipped it turned out to be a dramatic ride for the ages. The way it was executed was done really well and the ending had me satisfied. With Lia at the reigns of the opening it made it all the better when they added the acoustic version as well. But of course when it came down to it, Key’s story line, P.A Works animation and of course the song “Ichiban no Takaramono” (My Most Precious Treasure) made everything in Angel Beats so satisfying to watch.

6. Bakemonogatari/Monogatari Series 

Bakemonogatari 1 Bakemonogatari 2

The monogatari series has developed over time where the challenge of growing up despite many different challenges represented in the form of oddities or apparitions made the series have another factor to it. With learning and growing comes questioning, and the series constantly does this whether it be about life or something silly in general like your relationship with a girl. This series also became a BEST GIRL show for me, and it was nice to see there was a great variety to choose from.

5. IS: Infinite Stratos 

Infinite Stratos 1 Infinite Stratos 2

Like the monogatari series, IS: Infinite Stratos also became a BEST GIRL anime for me. Though it was also because of those character interactions between them and Ichika that made the show so good to watch. With its funny moments due to uncontrollable circumstances or Ichika’s blindness to the girls advances resulted me in enjoying it quite well. With their different personalities as well as the difference in relations (e.g. first and second childhood friends), it created a lot of variety between the characters. The music was also outstanding with each of the seiyuu of the girls featuring within the ED’s. I have also read most of the Light Novel Series, where I only can say it gets better.

4. Amagami SS/SS+ 

Amagami SS 1 Amagami SS 3

Having an omnibus format where the story resets after a heroines story, made it possible for the visual novel elements take hold within anime. With each girl getting their own ending it was like an end of a series every 3 or 4 episodes. The characters in Amagami are great, again with different personalities. It was nice to see that Tachibana Junichi was rewarded for all his hard work and effort in order to form those relationships, where by each story was delivered to me quite comfortably.

3. Usagi Drop 

Usagi Drop 1 Usagi Drop 2

Usagi Drop was probably the first anime whereby almost nothing spectacular happened each episode, though it left me with a smile on my face at the end of it. It was lighthearted, cute and simple, whereby these elements when mixed together made it so that it was like everything had been said, and there was nothing else left to say. The relationship between Daikichi and Rin is an admirable one, full of heart and soul leaving me with that warm feeling inside. With its soft color animations and its simple story line Usagi Drop exemplifies the slice of life genre for me, living life daily. The ED “High High High” by Kasarinchu also became my favorite ED of all time.

2. Clannad: After Story 

Clannad 1 Clannad 2

The Clannad series has always been good to me. I’ve watched it many times whereby the story and the characters are highlights of themselves. With a comedic first season and a dramatic second it created the best balance possible from episode to episode for the series in a whole. The story of Tomoya and Nagisa is dramatic and it was nice to see a happy ending reached at the end. Though, there are those moments where the waterworks would start, probably one of the only anime that made it happen. With one of the best soundtracks from Jun Maeda and a combination of different songs, “Dango Daikozoku” and “Toki wo Kizamu Uta”, the Clannad series probably is the best I’ve ever watched and one of my favorites.


Toradora 1 Toradora 2

As with most of the featured images of Taiga around this site, you may have guessed that Toradora was probably my favorite anime. With a dramatic story line and its slice of elements, the characters that deal with the problems that come their way exemplify what a good school life should be. Where there are problems in relationships but, those hurdles are overcome so that one may learn as well as grow stronger from them. From understanding one’s self to finding the happiness that Is missing from one’s life, Toradora made it a feels ride for the ages. Oh, and of course, Taiga is Toradorable!

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