Summer 2016: Anticipation, Expectations & Impressions, What am I Watching?

Man, the hype for this season. After looking at what initially was airing this season, I can say that there (for myself) are some really good shows in the Summer 2016 season. For this season, I have taken up some other series from Spring (in which I started late), so I’ll add some impressions of those. So here’s a small taste of what I think on what I’m watching.

  • note: Most of my expectations and anticipation for each anime is generally based off the 1st episode, if I’ve read the manga and any news (e.g. seiyuus, synopsis) regarding the anime that I’ve read.

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High Expectations

  • Rewrite: With Key at the reigns of the story, I have expectations that this might tug at some emotions throughout the season. Most of this expectations has been built upon previous Key series (in which all were good), and after reading some comments about Rewrite, it seems like it’ll live up to that standard.
  • Love Live Sunshine!: Love Live is back and back with a whole new cast. Music anime have always appealed to me as music is one of the best ways to enhance scenes and of course release that dopamine. I really enjoyed the first Love Live and hopefully this one continues on why the franchise is so strong. (p.s. Even if this series turns out to be a clone, I’ll still enjoy it).
  • ReLife: Starting over again can be tough, but it allows for one to turn over a new leaf. This concept is something that everyone has at least heard off once, and ReLife takes it on. I am up to date for what has been released from the web manga series, and if it remains faithful it should be good.
  • Shokugeki no Soma: Back to where it left off, Shokugeki comes back with an abundance of recipes that are begging to be tried out in the kitchen. There are still many exciting moments to come (as I have already read), and expectations remain peaked for those illustrious animations.

4 5

Moderate Expectations

  • Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!: HNNGGHH, Usami is a great character. From the first 2 episodes it seemed like the animation has hit all the right points. From my perspective it something the manga couldn’t and that raised its expectations quite well.
  • Momokuri: I wish I could put that “TOO CUTE” .gif I have here (but that would mess up formatting). Well, those are the best 2 words to describe the first 2 episodes. The interactions between Momo-kun and Hurihara-san are some of the cutest I’ve ever watched and hopefully they bring a heartwarming smile every episode.
  • Qualidea Code: Monsters or beings from another world attack the earth, doesn’t come as a unique concept. The way in which Qualidea code has presented itself with more of a “unlikable” main character has allowed it to keep my interests peaked. Hopefully, the characters in the show develop into something that is nice but also not so nice at the same time.
  • D.Gray-man Hallow: After a long long hiatus, it’s finally back. Continuing the battle between the exorcists and demons was always a good watch when I was younger, and hopefully it maintains that feeling throughout the season.
  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin: With a not so enthusiastic protagonist, Nejimaki provides a different view from that of war. I am up to date with what has been released from the manga (however, not the LN), and it seems like everything is smooth sailing in production and story for now and hopefully it stays that way.
  • Arslan Senki S2 – Fuujin Ranbu: Arslan is back to conquer back his home. However, with the twist they pulled in the first 2 episodes, it provided to be something I wasn’t expecting. This has allowed for interests to be raised and hopefully the little king can continue on from what was a solid 1st season.
  • Planetarian: The other animation by Key, though this one being older. From the first 2 episodes, it does give off that warm feeling inside, seeing the interactions between the 2 main characters. Hopefully it keeps its pace and does what all other Key productions have been, superb.

7 9

Low Expectations

  • Masou Gakuen HxH: With the whole premise being about a character with the ability to power up girls by feeling them up, this series screams fan service. The first 2 episodes have been quite good in offering this fan service, where if I have the inkling for that feeling, I know where to go.
  • Taboo Tattoo: Having a tattoo is something that really isn’t appealing to me, though in an anime its okay, especially how it gives powers. There is a bit of gore (from what I’ve read from the manga), so that should keep me ready episode. From its first 2 episodes, it seems like its going to be faithful to its source, so that’s a good start.
  • Ange Vierge: Based off the card game with the same name, Ange Vierge comes across also as a fighting monsters anime. However, the most important point is that it has cute girls in it and that’s all that really matters sometimes.

6 8


  • Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (I’m sad but it’s just so damn good)
  • Sousei no Onmyouji
  • Kuromukuro

Picked Up

  • Macross Delta: I picked this up around episode 10 last season, and it turned out something I haven’t regretted. Combining both action and music generally increases the effect and suspense of scenes, a long with the pure pleasure of hearing pretty voices while watching. Macross Delta does both well and hopefully they continue on with what has already been set.


This season is looking good so far, probably the strongest initially in the year (at this point in time). With many different shows coming back for another season, its nice to see the nostalgia set in whilst watching these initial episodes. The bar has been set, and it’s pretty high considering the names behind the anime this season.


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