Spring 2016 ~ End of Season Awards

Overall: Overall the anime in the 2016 Spring season ended up being quite solid. However, there was a difference between what ended being really good and what ended up as solid seasons. This season had a variety of different anime airing, where there was generally something that appealed to someone (even if they had specific tastes). A lot of anime in the season however, did have some underlying drama that help emphasize certain points or development throughout their respective seasons, which was nice to see.

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How did I judge what was good?

Everything is subjective in a review, I find it difficult to review things objectively unless there is a community consensus on how good something is (there never really is). So, in the end I review based on my taste and on the best points of an anime. Whether it gave me the satisfaction of watching it, put a smile on my face or just generally made me think were some criteria I used.

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OP/ED: When compared to other seasons it does seem like this was more of a down season for that of OPs and EDs, however this is my personal taste, so there were probably a lot out there that could be considered good (I encourage you to go out a listen). In that being said, there was a consistency across the board for most OPs to provide energy at the start at the episode and EDs to provide more soothing endings.

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In that being said here we go:

OP of the Season:

  1. TrySail – High Free Spirits (Hai Furi)
  2. Luce Twinkle Wink – 1st Love Story (Netoge)
  3. Sonar Pocket – One Sided Love (Nijiiro Days)

ED of the Season:

  1. Sangatsu no Phantasia – Hajimari no Sokudo (Kiznaiver)
  2. Rina Katahira – Ketsuro (Mayoiga)
  3. Haruna Ooshima – High Spec Days (Wagamama High Spec)

Spring 2016 Anime of the Season:

  1. Hai Furi
  2. Nijiiro Days
  3. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
  4. Special Mentions:

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