“Hard Right Rudder!” Hai Furi Review and Recommendations

“The rice cooker isn’t working!”

What happens when you place a bunch of Japanese High School Girls onto a naval class destroyer? Hai Furi (High School Fleet) that is. Throughout the season, we are constantly reminded that this is one of those cute girls doing cute things anime where it does it really well. For everything that resulted from the cuteness, it does also provided some cliffhangers and dramatic sequences throughout some episodes (even the first), which provided to be a great twist in all of the characters antics.

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With cute girls doing cute things, it portrays that most of the focus goes onto the characters themselves and their interactions with each other. Each character does bring their own personality to the table and it was enjoyable to see all of them mix and match, depending on the circumstances and which part of the crew they were placed in. Though, it wasn’t all fun and games, with an underlying backstory which propelled most of the drama onto the girls daily lives on the ship. It provided to be a great trigger to adding depth to each of the characters and how it affected each of them. With this, came development, and it was nice to see the girls development from episode to episode, due to the tribulations they faced.

5 6

When it came to naval warfare, it was really nice to see that certain naval terminology was being used. This allowed for the right information, on a basic level to be taught whilst watching (education!). The appeal of this was reinforced in the animations demonstrating how naval vessels move, and basically combat in general. Whether it be a torpedo or just the water parting with a ships movement, it was all animated in a good way.

7 8

Kouko Best Girl!

1 2

OP/ED: The OP was probably one of the best this season. From the get go, it provided a bunch of energy to each episode.With TrySail taking the reigns for the singing, it provided to be a good choice, as the singers were seiyuu in the anime itself. When it came down to the animations the OP and ED both focused on the characters, which was mainly what the anime was about. The ED took a more lighter, slower pace than the OP, providing a nice happy ending to each episode.

11 12

Hai Furi Was it Good?

At it’s heart Hai Furi is full of fun and games, with the right hint of drama to boot. The anime itself is full of different antics, where the characters blend well with each other. The almalgamation of everything in the end, from the characters, to the animation, to even a little bit of education resulted in a superb 1 cour anime season (and here’s hoping for more!). It’s fun, heartwarming, energetic and a bundle of joy to watch, where the whole anime basically embodied the cute girls doing cute things on ships concept. It does it really well, taking up that mantle and basically pushing forward why this genre is just so damn great.

9 10

Recommendations: There are a variety of different anime out there which fall under the monocle of cute girls doing cute things and Hai Furi embodies that into a bundle of joy, thus I recommend the following:

  • Kantai Collection: KanColle
  • Girls und Panzer
  • Strike Witches
  • So Ra No Wo To
  • Gakkou Gurashi

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