“Wandering Swordsman” Seisen Cerberus Review and Recommendations

“You should not share what is in your heart. You should act so that others can tell.”

Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalites follows the quest of one “Hiiro”, a survivor of the “Balbagoa Tragedy”, whereby in the attempt to seal the evil dragon “Daganzord”, the deaths of many of those involved occurs as someone interrupts the sealing process. It’s up to Hiiro and group of rag-tag “allies”, on a revenge quest to stop the dragon again.

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At its heart this series is basically a adventure fantasy anime. Existing in a world with many different races, magic and monsters, it provides a good setup for the story to unfold. In exploring this land, Hiiro meets a bunch of different characters, whereby they form a traveling group (in a sense), to stop Daganzord. It’s important to note, the concept of “friendship” isn’t really fleshed out throughout the series, as the relationships between individuals within the group felt more superficial, each having their own agenda, rather than forming deep connections. In doing this, it provides a different atmosphere to the series, one usually not explored or delved into that much.

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From an animations standpoint, its easy to say that it solidly does it job. With the use of many different colors and the right use of those colors (e.g. darker colors to signify something bad), it provides for quite an adequate experience on the eyes.

6 7

Erin Best Girl!

10 11

OP/ED: The OP provided a somewhat fast paced animation sequence combined with the song. It does it job in introducing the main characters for the show. The ED, is slower in pace, and focuses on the characters as well, creating a consistent combination.

12 13

Seisen Cerberus Was it Good?

For all in all, it probably makes out to be quite an average series. As most of what happens in the series is provided on an expected level, there aren’t many things that are pulled out of thin air, creating consistency from episode to episode.

8 9

Recommendations: For an adventure anime it does provide the main aspects of monsters, different races and magic, thus I recommend the following:

  • Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki

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