“KakoTama” Wagamama High Spec Review and Recommendations

“Looks like this planet is doomed.”

Wagamama High Spec is a short anime series which focuses on the heroines of the routes that can be taken in the visual novel “Wagamama High Spec”. From episode to episode, it basically goes through the heroines and their work/play in the student council.

3 2

The exclusion of the main character of the visual novel (Narumi Kouki), allows for the series to take on the banner of “Cute girls doing cute things”. The girls demonstrate their personality’s and the way they interact with each other is nice to see each episode.

5 4

The animations every episode varied for each segment, in the main “anime” segment the colors used for animations were bright and colorful, where colors matched each heroine respectively. It created a happy atmosphere in the show which complimented the light-hearted comedy side of it. When it came down to previews, the animations take the more unique route, with the use of cardboard cutouts of the heroines, using a variety of expressions to provide more information about the game, and then transitioning to another game (or collab).

6 7

Mihiro Best Girl!

10 13

OP/ED: There was really only 1 song throughout the whole season, and it acted more as an ED (after the story but before the preview). Though this ED was quite energetic, with the animations focusing on the “manga” aspects of the story (which is focused on in the VN).

11 12

Wagamama High Spec Was it Good?

For an anime short with episodes being 3 minutes 30 seconds, it provides for an easy pick up and watch. The animations are bright and colorful, where it does well in bringing a smile to your face while watching.

9 8

Recommendations: There aren’t many shorts that are made from a VN out there, however Wagamama High Spec does fall under the “Cute girls doing cute things” banner, where it is lighthearted and easy to watch. Thus, I recommend the following:

  • Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!
  • Ooyasan wa Shishunki
  • JK Meshi
  • Ani Tore EX

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