“100” Hundred Review and Recommendations

“Hundred On!”

Hundred follows the story of our protagonist Kisaragi Hayato and the world he is in. With the discovery of mysterious life forms called “Savages”, which destroy civilization, it is up to him with the use of his “hundred”, and many other characters called “Slayers” to stop this from happening. The story progresses from one of a high school/academy battle anime, to one of that focusing on humans vs monsters, where at it’s heart, the show is a school, harem, battle anime.

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The most important thing to note that there seems to be a lot of similarity to other anime with similar settings out there. Hundred by itself, reinforces the reason why these anime air, continuing with the strong emphasis on characters and their relationships and that development over a season. There aren’t really any dull moments when watching the show, each character brings their own personality to the whole season, which is certainly the highlight of the series.With the power of hundreds to fight the savages, it was really nice that there were no “generic” ones and each character had owned their own “hundred” or suit of battle armor emphasizing their personality.

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Other than the dialogue between characters, the other side of the show (the action one), provided to be something nice to watch. The animations a long with the use of a variety of different colors (especially when those colors are used to signify a certain characters attacks), made it easy to get into and watch. The whole premise of working as a team in order to defeat the Savages was also nice too see.

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Sakura Best Girl!

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OP/ED: Hundred took a different format in its OP and ED’s, that being 1 single OP and 4 different ED’s. The animations suited all of them well, with the OP mainly focusing on the whole cast, while the ED’s focused on which characters were being highlighted in the anime at that point in the season.

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Hundred Was it Good?

Hundred by itself is a solid anime to watch. It can be compared to many similar anime out there, where it goes and reinforces the reasons why these anime keep airing, highlighting the importance of character and their interactions/developments. On the action side, it was quite pleasant to see as the correct use of colors to signify characters was nice to watch.

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Recommendations: Hundred is like many other typical school, battle harem anime, it provides for an easy recommendation, thus I recommend the following:

  • IS: Infinite Stratos
  • Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
  • Date A Live
  • Freezing





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