“A Tall Order” Big Order Review and Recommendations

“A wish? Well, that’s… Jealousy. Obsession. Fear. Self-interest lies at the core of everyone’s wish.”

What is a world in which wishes a granted through different powers? Big Order hit the screens this season based around those wishes and powers. The whole story revolves around the “Great Destruction” and the power of “Orders” to grant wishes that came with it. Following one, Hoshimiya Eiji (the cause of the Great Destruction which led to the loss of countless lives) and his journey in a world that hates him as he is thrusted back into it after trying to live a quiet life.

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First of all, the anime provides a bountiful amount of different characters, whether they be good or evil, or just fodder for the powered users, each character plays their role to a direct point. With this amount, it allows for a bunch of different “orders” to be created resulting in a good variety of different types of battles between users. This makes the action scenes quite plentiful with at least 1 per episode making it easy to watch.

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On the other side, there is a bunch of talking and dialogue between characters as well. This mainly protrudes from the different political agenda’s and/or “wishes” of each character. the dialogue between them is “straight forward” in a way, in which the characters do what they say, but it also adds an air of mystery as they might be hidden agendas as well. Being told from the perspective of Eiji, it was actually quite attuned that his character has trust issues (due to all the hate), but in the end he provides to be a classic “shounen” character.

9 8

Sena Best Girl!

1 2

OP/ED: The OP provides to be a good fit with both its animation and song. The animations provide a good detail to the world in which is introduced with the after effects of the Great Destruction and the coming of Orders. On the musical side it adds more of a heavy rock base which aligns with the action throughout the season. The ED reiterates this but in a twisted kind of sense.

14 15

Big Order Was it Good?

For a show that has a bunch of different super powers and characters, it’s good. with its plentiful use of different action scenes it provides a story line in which is both straight forward and easy to get into & watch.

12 5

Recommendations: The show is fairly simplistic for a shounen making it easy to watch. Combining this with all the different “super powers”, I recommend the following:

  • Mirai Nikki
  • Code Geass

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