Spring 2016: Anticipation, Expectations & Impressions, What am I Watching?

Over the past 2 weeks the 2016 Spring anime season kicked off releasing a bunch of new shows for eyes to feast upon. There are some continuing on from last season and hopefully they build upon what was already their foundation. So here’s a small taste of what I think on what I’m watching.

  • note: Most of my expectations and anticipation for each anime is generally based off the 1st episode, if I’ve read the manga and any news (e.g. seiyuus, synopsis) regarding the anime that I’ve read.

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High Expectations:

  • Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: With all the introductions to fantasy worlds in recent anime, this one put quite a spin on the concept of living and both dying in one. I have read the manga for this (so I know what happens to an extent), and it seems pretty promising based upon whats been shown so far.
  • Hai Furi: Boats, Boats, Boats! Ship girls are back in a different form. The whole premise of a naval academy being taught on a boat made it an interesting watch. After watching 1 episode I can clearly say this is probably the front runner (if you were hyped for it already) or the dark horse this season, with the twist they pulled out. The bar is set already, hopefully they continue making hurdles.
  • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri: From a world destroyed by Titans to a world overrun by zombie like beings, Wit studios in its animation is back to explore another desolate planet where humans a on the brink of destruction. The 1st episode also set the bar quite high with everything that happens. Hopefully this continues throughout the season as more of the characters and the world is explored.

4 5

Moderate Expectations:

  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk S2: Another season of Gakusen Toshi is back continuing on the battles between students representing their respective schools for their own intention. This season hopefully will explore more upon its characters, as the 1st was more of an introductory season.
  • Hundred: I’ve read some of the manga for this and it seems quite like many other anime out there. However, I do enjoy these types of anime and hopefully this one takes on a solid season.
  • Wagamama High Spec: A short based upon the Visual Novel doubly named Wagamama High Spec, it’s first episode introduced the girls or possible “routes” that it could take. The visuals seemed very pretty to watch, and will probably be a good short that can either act as a filler or something enjoyable on the eyes to watch.
  • Kiznaiver: Kiznaiver introduced a peculiar world for our main characters to exist in in its initial episodes, the whole plot of “sharing pain” is something I haven’t really delved into before, so it kept me interested. Probably as the plot goes on and more is explained the story will get better, so positive expectations from me.
  • Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta: Mixing both a game world and the real life together can be a dangerous thing (well based on society). When the lines a blurred it may be seen as difficult to have a “normal” life. After watching the first 2 episodes and reading part of the manga, this show is a comedy at heart, and will probably provide many laughs throughout the season.
  • Sousei no Onmyouji: This show provided more of a mix of Japanese like themes to an already existing contemporary world, it’s animations are mostly red, which may be hard on the eyes sometimes. I have also read the manga for this and it seems like a pretty solid action shounen being based around exorcising spirits.

6 7

Low Expectations:

  • Big Order: The aftermath of Mirai Nikki is here, with Big Order taking a play on “powered” users and a world that’s against them due to a certain incident. I have read the manga for this, but that was a while ago. It early episodes however, were easy to watch.
  • Seisen Cerberus: After watching the first 2 episodes it seems like a pretty solid action/adventure anime. With the whole premise being around a main character wanting to slay a dragon, the end game seems already there, hopefully the journey to get there is interesting.
  • Mayoiga: A mystery about a village that seamlessly doesn’t exist and a bunch of people trying to start new lives. After watching the first 2 episodes, there wasn’t really much of a “mystery” aspect towards it, hopefully it gets better though.
  • Kuromukuro: After reading a bunch of different anime community sites, it seems like there was a bunch of hype for this anime. In my opinion after watching the first 2 episodes, it didn’t really seem as something I would get hyped up for. However, this provides a good start to something that may excel very quickly.

8 9


  • Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S2
  • Naruto Shippuuden
  • Nijiiro Days


Overall the whole start to the season mainly focused on introductory episodes. The difference between those in which I expect to be great and those that will be solid, are quite clear. However this does leave the door open for anime to exponentially get better (it’s easier to go from 60 to 90 than 90 to 100). There are a lot of shows in which I haven’t read the source material for, so hopefully some can pull the rabbit out of the hat and become great.


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