“Rice is not a Side Dish” JK Meshi Review and Recommendations

“JK Meshi!”

JK Meshi brings us an anime short revolving around 3 girls, Ryouka, Reina and Ruriko and their daily lives as high school girls. Every week comes a different topic in which they discuss as well as make a dish suited to that episodes theme.

Episode 23 4 Episode 18 4

The overall timing of each episode gives the right amount of time for the nonsensical comedy to flourish. From the running Tsukkomi-boke jokes between the girls to, the purely illogical actions in which Ruriko takes every episode, the comedy finds itself as something that is simple and easy to understand. The jokes give off that slap your self in the face “what did I just watch” feeling, where it excels and those who enjoy those kind of jokes would enjoy them.

Episode 14 2 Episode 12 2

The anime also offered a variety of different dishes, these dishes or even snacks came off being quite easy to make, simple enough for children to have a hand in making. They were unique, and gave off that feeling as well, using a variety of ingredients which may usually not be used together (I’m looking at you candy rice). With a twist and theme to almost every dish, it was quite nice too see the variations from week to week, and the possibilities of coming up with dishes that are just downright ridiculous or purely genius.

Episode 7 1 Episode 20 3

OP/ED: Instead of an OP/ED it was more of a jingle at the end of every episode. The instrumental theme provided was one that suited and matched the overall series quite well.

Episode 2 2 Episode 10 1

JK Meshi Was it Good?

For a quick fix of nonsensical comedy and food to boot, JK Meshi is a good anime. With everything that happens and its slight probabilities that the dish could be somewhat good, gives the opportunity for the viewer to make it themselves. Though there are times in a small bit of information/education is provided to the viewer, which came off as refreshing whilst watching, most of the show is dedicated to jokes, and that’s what probably makes it a good anime.

Episode 4 4 Episode 19 4

Recommendations: Most anime shorts are generally focused on comedy. JK Meshi adding a bit off a side dish (no pun intended) in the food the girls make adds to the whole experience, where the jokes are simple and easy to understand, comparing this to other anime shorts is quite easy and thus I recommend the following:

  • Ooyasan wa Shishunki
  • Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan”
  • Komori-san wa Kotowarenai


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