“Candy Mountain” Dagashi Kashi Review and Recommendations

“Pog Champ!”

Based on its synopsis, Dagashi Kashi is an anime that embodies the perfect elements of a comedy/shounen anime. The main focus around the whole anime is its characters, mainly being the interactions between four of them, Shidare Hotaru, Shikada Kokonotsu, and siblings Endo Saya and Tou, with candy (dagashi) the factor that brings them together.

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A majority of the comedy laid out within the anime is generally split into a bunch of different gags per episode. From the quick Boke-Tsukkomi gags, to jokes that are referred to from episode to episode (Hotaru’s unfortunate bad luck), it provides a variety of different jokes from time to time, allowing for those jokes to “not get old”. Though, there isn’t really focus on the more “serious” aspects of the show, where Kokonotsu has to make a decision on taking over his family business, Shikada Dagashi. Where that even is portrayed as a gag sometimes.

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Probably the most notable factor that can be taken out of the season, was the fact that it was a part documentary. With Hotaru’s endless brain of knowledge about different snacks, it provided a good break in between gags to actually learn something. This knowledge created a learning aspect in the show, in which may be useful for some fun trivia or even just random facts. This added bonus created an edge which is not usually seen in anime, a combination of comedy and education making it quite fun to watch.

16 17

Saya Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP/ED really matched what the show was about. There were bright colorful animations everywhere and the music was up and energetic making it a fun-loving kind of OP and ED. The OP focused more on the candy side and its relationship between Hotaru. The ED on the other hand, was totally something different, it was wacky and weird but a good type of weird, with Alice in Wonderland theme being the main highlight, as it revolved around the characters in the show.

20 21

Dagashi Kashi Was it Good?

For a comedy show about candy, it does some what fall into its own niche category. With it being able to both provide education about candy whilst giving a laugh at the same time, it provides a unique aspect to the anime that is well balanced. All in all it was a pretty solid anime season.

18 19

Recommendations: The show is all gags and comedy, and that was the main focus. There aren’t many shows that can be recommended based on the education factor, but if you love boke-tsukkomi comedy and running episode jokes, I recommend the following:

  • Non non Biyori
  • Nourin
  • Barakamon
  • Danshi koukousei no Nichijou


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