“You Always Never Gave Up!” Heavy Object Review and Recommendations

“You never gave up! Yeah! Nothings too late”

Gone are the days where wars are literally fought with humans against other humans. Heavy Object introduces the age in which mechanical weapons called “objects” are used in order to fight battles in pseudo-like human vs human battles to decide the strength of countries and who technically wins the war. It creates a scenario where technically nobody dies, however what happens when that changes…

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Thus we are introduced to our 2 lovable protagonists of Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell, in which together, throughout the season, are known for destroying objects by being humans. The whole play around this is on the more unrealistic, ridiculous side, with them being able to destroy these mechanized weapons. However, the explanations provided throughout the anime in how they do it seem to be quite realistic and plausible, other than all the lucky breaks.

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The anime is filled with heaps of action, with lots of explosions. The combat is focused mainly against objects but there is still some object vs object warfare. However, this action generally can be seen as more lighthearted as it is mixed in with its own comedic moments. This actually provides a good tension release, and for an anime about war, not all situations should be taken seriously, where it seems like J.C Staff have done a good job in trying to portray this to viewers. Good Job.

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Milinda Brantini Ohime-sama Best Girl!

9 10

OP/ED: Being a 2 cour season the anime provided 2 OP’s and 2 ED’s. The OP’s were quite similar in the regard that they were both rock based songs, which provided a lot of energy for before each episode. The choice of song for the first and 2nd half were very strong choices for the show (ALL OFF was a good choice). This consistency also showed in the ED’s, mainly with a more slower song focusing on Milinda Brantini.The animations were bright and full of color which was very easy on the eyes.

11 12

Heavy Object Was it Good?

At it’s heart the anime is generally stands out for its two areas action and comedy. It’s not so serious action moments combined with the comedic ones provide a double barrel of a not so serious take on warfare fought with mechanized weapons. The 2 cour season, actually provided a lot of moments and on a week by week basis Heavy Object was quite easy and enjoyable to watch.

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Recommendations: For a show where mechanized war machines fight in the place of humans, it provided a lot of action and comedy to boot. Though being on the less serious side made it a bit harder to recommendations. However, it stuck to a solid schedule and plan each episode, and thus I recommend the following:

  • Aldnoah Zero
  • Code Geass
  • Full Metal Panic
  • Gundam (Any season)

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